Korea’s JK Plastic Surgery Center

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The greatest plastic surgery facility in South Korea is JK. It has been in operation for 20 years. JK specializes in body contouring, anti-aging, and breast and facial surgery correction. Approximately 5,000 people come here annually to alter their looks or address the effects of catastrophic injuries. About 85 thousand surgeries have been performed by JK experts over the course of their employment.Professionals from jk plastic surgery korea stem cell-based rejuvenation operations. Using this method, doctors lessen the depth of wrinkles, stop age-related changes from causing lower eyelid sagging, and slow down skin aging. The treatment takes, on average, 1.5 hours to complete; hospitalization is not necessary.The patient’s abdomen or thigh fat is utilized to harvest the stem cells that JK experts employ. The cells are then subjected to a specific, four-stage culture. They are also injected into the body and face. The Korean government has approved stem cell therapy solely for JK, the only institution in South Korea.JK does areola or nipple repair, lifting, contour modification, and breast augmentation and reduction. The center’s specialists use implants or lipofilling to reduce breast size. This method involves injecting extra fat into the breasts from the thighs or tummy.

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